USB Soldering Machine

USB Soldering Machine

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This soldering iron is specially designed for soldering electronic components, is low consumption, and is easy to use. It has a fine tip that allows high precision when soldering plates or integrated circuits, among others.

Electric or pencil soldering irons are generally an indispensable work tool for all those who work with electronics. Lightweight and easy to operate, fine-tipped for small soldering jobs. This soldering iron is progressive heating which makes it safe and stable.


enlightenedHow does it work:

Soldering pencils are tools that convert electrical energy into heat, all this happens because these electrical equipment pass the current through a resistance, causing the tip to heat up and obtain the indicated temperature. Its operating structure is derived from high-strength nickel or chromium wire compounds, which are wound on a copper core.


enlightenedHow to use:

  • The first thing to keep in mind is to adjust the temperature of the soldering iron, select the necessary power to heat the surface, but without exceeding it as it could cause damage.

  • Check that the surface to be welded is clean, as well as the tip of it.

  • Determine the exact point where the thermal bonding of both materials will occur.

  • Set a time for welding, generally, the approximate time to apply the heat is 2 seconds, since prolonging it more can damage the components of the material and the welder.

  • Once you have all these steps ready, proceed to connect the soldering iron to an electrical current and tilt the instrument 30c°| 8 f° to 50c°| 122f°

  • Proceed to apply the solder between the tip and the joint you want to solder, for 2 seconds.

  • Make sure the solder is covering the area around the joint.

  • Proceed to remove the solder, and wait for it to harden, avoiding blowing.


To ensure that this tool meets the desired results, it is necessary to take into account these recommendations, the proper use of this equipment will depend on its effectiveness.

* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 10/01/22.