Kit Mi-Light WiFi , 2 in 1 LED Controller, 12-24V, 12A max, 2,4GHz

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Output Current 12 A
Max. Output Current 12 A
Output Power 12V-144 | 24V-288 W
Input Voltage 12-24 Vdc
Dimmable? Yes   
LED Type Monochrome   
Control Type RF   
Frequency 2.4 GHz
Output Channel 3   
Outdoor Range 30 ft
Includes Remote Control? Not Included   
Material ABS   
Casing Color White   
LED Indicator No   
Tactile? No   
Connection Type Screw Terminal Block   
Compatibility iOS 5.0+ | Android 4.0+   
APP Mi-Light   
IP Protection Grade IP20   
Use Indoor   
Operating Temperature 14 ~ 104 °F
Length 74.5 in
Width 1,42 in
Height 0.67 in
Weight 1.06 oz
Safety Standard CE/ ROHS   

This Wireless Master Controller is used to connect the easy bulb smart lights to your mobile device. This controller can be used to control White lights and you can control as many bulbs as possibleIt works for Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch.  It is able to join home or business networks.

The Wi-Fi master controller, which can be used for all series of 2.4G smart lights, to control the brightness and temperature of single or dual color light bulbs.

With this simple Wi-Fi master controller, you can control your lights with an iOS 5.0+ or Android smartphone App, free download from the Apple App Store or Android Google Play with the new App name: Mi-light, with automatic setting and you are ready to go!

(Compatible with Dual White LED Lights and 2.4G LED Mi-Light Strip Controller series)


App Installation:

Download from Google Play



Download from Android Google Play





Download from Apple Store



Download from Apple Store





Wi-Fi Controller Settings:

  1. Supply power to the Wi-Fi controller box with a DC5V 500mA power supply, the power indicator will flash.
  2. Press again to automatically set-up your WLAN.
  3. Press ‘Mi-light’. Optionally you can rename “MI light” to any name, e.g. Peter’s room (in case you add more Wi-Fi boxes for more zones.)
  4. The link indicator on your Wi-Fi controller box lights up when the connection is made.
  5. Go to the settings of your Android or Apple iOS smartphone or tablet, and connect with “MI light”.
  6. Long press key “RST” for 10 seconds until the two indicators flash, revert to factory default settings. (Please note that you don’t need to do it with a new Wi-Fi controller.)


Please refer to our user´s manual or contact our FREE tech support team.

* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 04/22/24.
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