Ultra Slim Mini Dimmer for Single Color LED Strips, DC12V 4A

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This miniature LED Light Dimmer uses PWM Dimming to dim and flash your single color 12 VDC LED Lights. With 10 levels of dim control and 7 built in strobe function with 10 levels of speed control this is a low cost, easily concealable LED Light Dimmer that can be used in a variety of applications. Don't let the small size fool you, this dimmer can dim up to 12A or 144W at 12VDC. Perfect for under cabinet lighting, cabinet makers, work areas, light boxes, craft projects, clothing designers, furniture builders, or any other application requiring a small and unnoticeable PWM LED Light Dimmer.

This small dimmer is ideal for systems that require control the light intensity of monochromatic or single color LED products. Its small size allows it to integrate into any system of DC 12V. It is controlled by 3 touch buttons (Mode, Speed/Bright, Light). It presents 5 speed adjustment at dynamic mode and 8 dimming adjustment at static mode. Has many kinds of modes, such as static colors, gradual changes, strobe, etc. It also has Auto memorizing function, which saves your last setting.

Press “Light” button to activate static mode. Press “Speed/ Bright” button to incrementally dim 10 steps and return to full brightness. “Mode” button enters dynamic flashing patterns. Press “Mode” to cycle through the 9 different patterns. Pressing “Speed/Bright” button will incrementally decrease speed 10 steps and return to fastest speed. Hold “Speed/ Bright” button to turn LEDs ON/OFF.


* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 04/20/24.
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