G4 LED Light Bulb, Warml White 3000°K 12V 2.4W

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The G4 lamps are bi-pin or two-pin standard, defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). These types of lamps have two pins at the input. The number 4 in the name indicates the center-to-center distance between two pins, which is 4mm in this type, usually found in under-cabinet puck lights, landscape lighting, and automotive lighting.

Our LED bulbs with a G4 base is a direct replacement for the conventional halogen bulb that instantly cuts energy usage by up to 90% and features a 25,000-hour lifespan compared to traditional halogen alternative.

The G4 series from DEMASLED is manufactured with the latest LED technology and components to ensure high quality lighting output. DEMASLED`s G4 bulbs are designed to retrofit easily into existing G4 halogen lamp fittings.

G4 LED spotlights consume very little energy being one of the lowest energy consuming LEDs around.



enlightened High efficiency and brightness: The combination of high-performance LEDs ensures a uniformly illuminated light emission. Our G4 LED cool white (6,500°K), bulb and a good color rendering index (CRI >80) also contributes to positive room appearances. Both aspects create pleasant room atmospheres.

enlightened Energy Efficient: 25.000 hours, is 15 times of halogen lamp, larger lifespan. They operate at 12V, which is probably different to your current mains supply (110-240 V). This means you may need a transformer that converts the mains supply to the required 12V.

enlightened Safe & Easy to Use: No UV or IR Radiation, no flicker, no lead or mercury, Easier to install, International Standard G4 Bulb Base.

enlightened Wide Application Scenarios: You’ll find them under cooker hoods, shelves and kitchen cabinets, reading lighting, sitting room, desk lamp, store, halls, museum, restaurant, decoration lighting, landscape bulb etc. This is largely a result of their diminutive size.

* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 04/16/24.
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