Wireless Slave Controller for Master Controller, 12V 144W 12A

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Master and Slave controllers allow you to link slave controllers to the master. Specifically for users who want more than 4 LED Strips or use more than 144 watts of power consumption. When you change a setting for the master controller, all led strips connected to the slave will also change wirelessly. This configuration is similar to amplifiers except the only difference in this case is that the connection from controller to amplifier / master to slave would be wireless.

This RF Slave Controller is for RGB LED Strips. You can choose communication frequency through the dipswitch on the controller. Master and slaver controllers that have the same frequency can work synchronously. Master & Slave controller communicate through RF signal. You don’t need any wire to connect the master and slaver controller. It is ideal for the application, which is difficult to install wire. The communication distance depends on the environment. Normally it is 20-50m for indoor application. For open environment, communication distance is much longer.



enlightened Compatible with our Master Controller: conmas

enlightened 3 Channel RGB Color Changing.

enlightened Wireless Remote Controls.

enlightened Multiple different effects, color combinations, and dimming.

enlightened Connects to 12 VDC.

enlightened Double your watt capabilities by using 12 VDC for both master and slave.



  • Master and Slaver controller communicate with RF signal, needs no wire.


  • Slaver controller can work with either a master controller or independent controller.


  • It has 11 default functions.


  • 15 choices frequency. Max 15 groups of controllers can work at the same place separately.

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* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 04/16/24.
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