24.8in-630mm, Neutral White Dimmable LED Square Panel, 100-277VAC 40W

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Our recessed light panels add a luxurious touch to your home decor with this classy white coated and acrylic glass. They are ideal for replacing traditional fluorescent suspended ceiling panels and provide a superior alternative to standard fluorescent bulbs. Made from acrylic and aluminum. It will surely enhance the look of your Ceilings. All parts have a long lasting finish and durability. In addition, its lovely structure will surely attract a lot of onlookers. Further, this pretty lamp will enhance the look of any space giving it a visually delightful approach.

Our LED ceiling light panels consume significantly less energy, have a much longer lifespan, can operate in a wide range of ambient temperatures, they contain no hazardous mercury or lead, don't make annoying noises and buzzing, don't flicker and are shock/vibration resistant due to their solid-state construction.


☼  Lighting technology:The luminaires on the ceiling have the appearance of illuminated windows and enable the designing with light: light ceilings with individual light windows can be designed as well as wide-area light ceilings, they especially provide a uniform distribution of light with minimal reflected glare.

☼  High efficiency:The combination of high-performance LEDs and diffuse-distribution opal luminaire cover ensures a uniformly illuminated light emission surface and homogeneous distribution of light. Both create pleasant room atmospheres. The good color rendering of the LEDs also contributes to positive room appearances.

☼  Eco-friendly: No UV or IR radiation output. Using our recessed light panels, you can reduce energy use by as much as 90%. Improving energy efficiency can reduce emissions that contribute to global warming, mercury contamination in lakes, acid rain, and nuclear waste.

☼  Long lifespan:Our lamps will last you 50,000 hours average extremely long life reduces re-lamp frequency.

☼  Wide application:Ideal for Artwork lighting, mood lighting, shop-windows, general lighting, hotel, cafe or other architectural lighting. offices, hotels, metro stations, meeting rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, washrooms, kitchens, warehouse hallways, workshops and other commercial or residential places.


■ FCC Certified:FCC (Federal Communications Mark) certifies the electromagnetic interference of the products meets with mandatory standards

■ cETLus Certified: cETLus Certified (Edison Testing Laboratories) verifies the product`s compliance with the required US safety standards.

■ DLC Listed: a DLC Mark (Design Lights Consortium) establishes our product as applicable with a high-quality and energy efficiency standards.

* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 07/17/24.
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