M6 Remote Control + LED LTECH M3-3A Controller 12-24V 108-216W 9A

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Output Power 12V-108 | 24V-216 W
Output Current 9 A
Output Current 3 A
Input Voltage 12-24 Vdc
Output Channel 3   
Color RGB | RGBW   
Dimmable? Yes   
Frequency 433.92 MHz
Number of Programs 11   
Material PC   
Casing Color White   
Includes Remote Control? Included   
Control Type RF   
Number of Batteries 3   
Battery Type CR2032   
Use Indoor / Outdoor   
Length 5.31 in
Width 1.18 in
Height 0,79 in
Weight 1.66 oz
Operating Temperature -22 ~ 131 °F

This LED controller reflects LTECH´s powerful independent R&D ability in the LED field. Its volume is only 1/3 of the conventional controller, but can implement features such as dimming, RGB and color temperature control. Its high performance and creative design, allowing users to enjoy the benefits and convenience

This controller is intuitive and easy to install. Each receiver can be paired with a remote control. To learn a new ID simply press the learn button (quick press) on the receiver, then any button on a remote. The receiver is then matched to that remote control. To cancel an ID press the learn button for 5 seconds.


Like in all color controllers, a DC12V-DV24V power supply is required to operate. The remote control uses radio frequency so it can control the LED strip up to 98.4 ft | 30 meters away and doesn’t need to be ‘line of sight’ so the receiver can be hidden away in cupboards or behind walls etc.

It is a Radio Frequency (RF) remote control, which means it has a wireless signal strong penetrating power, even if there is an obstacle in front can be controlled, the partition of remote control; ID code, independent each other. Well-designed remote control operation key, 

Useful features, rejection of complex instructions, enjoy the colorful world. Using advanced RF remote control, wireless signal with strong penetrating power, no longer restricted by all kinds of blockage.

Wall mountable remote control holder included! 



enlightened High Performance: High grayscale performance is more outstanding, the light is more gentle, dynamic changing modes become more rich and colorful. with innovative technology design: One receiver compatible with six different functions of the remote control which is used one receiver can experience dimming, color temperature and RGB controlled, which can satisfied the different demands of client.

enlightened Perfect Design: RF wireless remote LED controller is stylish, slim, light and easy to carry while receiver is small, exquisite and easy to install.

enlightened Trouble Free: Low power consumption, long distance, strong obstructions penetrating ability, independent ID interference-free and other properties. One receiver compatible with ten different functions of the remote, one receiver can control dimming, specific color temperature and RGB control.

enlightened Sleep Mode: Automatic sleep mode, when the touch remote unattended operation over 30 seconds, it can automatically enter standby mode to extend battery life. Can be used in automotive, motorcycle, boat, home or business.


How does it work?

The Learning ID Method of Remote Control, wireless light remote control has been matched to the receiver before leave factory, if deleted accidentally; you can learn ID as follow.

  • Learning ID: Short press ID learning button on the receiver until the running light is on, then press any key on the remote control, the running light flashes several times, activated.
  • Cancel ID: Long press ID learning button on the receiver for 5 seconds.

enlightened Attn: one receiver can be matched with max 10 same or different kinds’ remote controllers.

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* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 07/17/24.
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